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13 November 2015
Winds topped 120mph last night as Abigail swept across the island...
Abigail - forecast

Sea conditions were severe and just before dusk waves  crashed over the jetty and up across the road. Awesome to watch...from a distance!Abigail - high tide at the jetty 1Abigail - high tide at the jetty

The power of the sea was immense and the noise of waves crashing on rocks deafeningAbigail - waves and the Oiseval cliffsAbigail - waves near the Feather Store
I retreated back indoors for the rest of the night. There's nothing quite like being snug inside when there's a 'wee breeze' tickling the building for hours on end.   At one point I thought the roof was falling off but after checking this morning I'm surprised by just how few tiles are on the ground.  All in all, relatively minor damage to our buildings - a few slates askew and a couple embedded vertically in the ground and some loose guttering. Could have been (much) worse!Abigail - minor damage mostly slates


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