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Secret St Kilda

6 August 2012

Working here on St Kilda we are often privledged to see sights day visitors often miss. With the exception of the Cottage 5 'ghost' I have a small miscellany of sights to share that most will miss on their brief trips to Hirta.

The Ghost!

Cottage 5 Ghost

Look closely to the left of the group photo and you will see the Grey Lady of Cottage 5 - (photo: Karis Allen; Facebook St Kilda Hebrides). Taken in July, not on April 1st.

Sleeping in the Sun....

Sheep and powerstation

Early morning often finds the Village Soay sheep snoozing around the powerstation. Catching the first rays of the day before everyone goes to work they could not be more contented. It seems the steady chugging of the big diesel engine sooths the (supposedly) wild beasts of St Kilda.

Small is beautiful...

Antler Moth

We also conserve the small and little seen residents of St Kilda. This Antler Moth was carefully released early in the morning after being drawn to ultra violet light emitted by our harmless moth trap. I keep a record of moths and butterflies seen on the island.

Through the Blackhouse window...

Blackhouse Window

It is well acknowledged that the Hebridean Blackhouse provided a cosy if somewhat dingy environment for their inhabitants. With the thatch roof long gone the thistle growing inside this Blackhouse has taken full advantage of the light and sheltered interior growing feet taller than its companions outside.

Where the Selkies play..

In the cave behind the waterfall at Glen Bay, seals explore hidden realms beneath the foot of Glen Mor. Few visitors make it over here in the time allowed by a daytrip. There are times when you could swear you were hearing the howling of hounds but it's just the seals singing in the caves.

Waterfall Cave

More secret places to be revealed and watch out for the Grey Lady!






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