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UNESCO map project

16 September 2016
This vial containing feathers from a St Kilda wren will soon be on display in The Wadden Sea Centre in Denmark. The owner of these feathers was sadly found dead in one of the buildings here. After giving residents a close up view of this charming little bird I took a few feathers to contribute to a UNESCO project. Wren feathers in a vialWren feathers in a vial to be included in the UNESCO map

The feathers will be part of the 'UNESCO Map', a collaborative project involving World Heritage Sites from across the globe. Each site was asked to contribute an item and our wren feathers seemed appropriate given that the St Kilda wren is an endemic sub species and therefore not found anywhere else in the world. The St Kilda 3 - wren, Soays and mice (there are always mice in the Feather Store) (Photo Gina Prior)

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