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Bothered by a bonxie in Village Bay

28 June 2015

It was another misty day yesterday, I couldn't go far so I headed out to check on the great skua nesting near the big burn in Village Bay.  The single egg had hatched and I can assure everyone that the adults are doing a great job of protecting their young.  In all my years working at St Kilda I have never been so heavily ‘bonxied’ and have a bruised cheek and a scratch on my head as evidence!   Even the nose piece on my glasses was bent after I looked up and got a face full of adult bird!   The adults are just being good parents and people would normally take the hint to get out of the territory and not hang about recording information like I was.   If you do venture near the burn keep an eye out for this pair of birds and steer clear of them! Village bay skua nest with a chick




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