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87 Years On

29 August 2017

Today marks the 87th anniversary of the evacuation of St Kilda. This significant event constantly effects us who temporarily inhabit the island today. The empty houses and silent fanks remind us of a way of life which is now nearly disappeared from Europe.   


The Village from Oiseval

Certainly it is the breaking up of the community which hit the hardest. Loss of community is the most prominent theme amongst the St Kildan’s reflections, and it is this sad story which often enraptures visitors to this remote and beautiful archipelago.


Blackhouse P, one of my favourite doorways!

 Yet strangely life does go on St Kilda. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of Operation Hardrock, and it is worth emphasising the value of this more recent community on the island. If it was not for the facilities and accommodation provided by the MOD and its contractors these last 60 years, there would be very little of the original St Kilda community left!   


Work Party members repairing a cleit overlooking the base

So join us today in reflecting on St Kilda’s communities past and present. We have a big story to tell, so why not give us a hand telling it?

Cheers for now,


St Kilda Archaeologist

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