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Chopper moves blocks

3 November 2011

Last week, building works on St Kilda required the use of a helicopter to move some heavy items.  This method was chosen because some areas of the base could not be accessed by standard moving equipment without damaging grass areas.  The weather was fantastically calm and the work was super efficient taking less than an hour to complete.  During this time the base was cleared of all staff and many of us took the opportunity to photograph the unusual event. 

Helicopter glinting in the sunHelicopter moving a blockBelow the helicopterAmazing flying skills shown by the pilot

Great flying skills!

At this time of year, the seabirds have left the island so the level of disturbance to wildlife was minimal.  The sheep researchers managed to complete a census which is a good indication that the sheep remained in their normal areas and didn’t flee to other parts of the island. 

Sheep not bothered by the helicopter

Seems like the day went well for everyone!


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