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Hello! My partner and I are very interested in joining the work party in 2019. I can see there isn't much information available at the moment, so I was wondering if there is an email address that we can write to in order to ask a couple of questions.
EDITOR: Applications for 2019 will be opened in November 2018. Watch the Visiting St Kilda/Work Parties page for more details. For specific questions, please try:
Anita, Oslo
04 July 2018

O' what a lovely website about a wonderful place.
Learned so much, especially from the ranger reports.
I do hope to be able to visit.
Now how do I apply for the work party?

I think that is a great programme you run.
So I would absolutely love to work there.

Great site.
Amazing photos.
You only live once as my grandchildren would say.

EDITOR: Applications for 2019 will be opened in November 2018. Watch the Visiting St Kilda/Work Parties page for more details.
Maggie, Stirling
21 June 2018

Hey you guys! Craig, John and Ciaran - are we ever going to get any more news from St Kilda this year? What are you all up to? Chat and pictures please. Linda (ex work party member)
EDITOR: Learn more about our work on St Kilda via the Twitter feed:
Linda McKenzie, Scarborough, North Yorkshsire
11 June 2018

Further to my previous email, I just found the name of the kind ranger who helped us when we were in such need on Sunday 20th May on another page. I do not remember whether we were able to thank you properly at the time.
Thank you very much John
Patricia & Alexander Reith
EDITOR: Thanks very much for your kind words about our Ranger John Sikorski, who was only too pleased to have been able to help.
Patricia Reith, Aberdeenshire
10 June 2018

My husband and I (both retired) visited Hirta Village Bay on Sunday 20th May 2018 with Sea Harris. It was a very rough crossing during which we were thrown about and were extremely sea sick. On landing at Village Bay on Hirta, my husband was still being sick and I was very shaken; we were met by the NT Ranger, who took us with others from the boat to the rest room and was so kind to us. We were dehydrated, cold and weak and he brought us tea, blankets and even a hot water bottle. He even sent for a nurse who supplied us with much needed sea sick tablets for the return journey. We stayed in the rest room for more than an hour until we were sufficiently recovered to go outside. We want to sincerely thank the wonderful caring staff who helped us through this very unpleasant experience. Without them we would have been in a miserable condition and completely unable to walk around this very special place. We hope to return to the island again in better weather.
Thank you
Patricia & Alexander Reith
Patricia Reith, Aberdeenshire
09 June 2018

Very disappointed with the lack of posts from the ranger this year, is there a reason for this?
EDITOR: A long spell of high pressure has meant that this has been a super-busy summer so far, but you can also keep in touch about our work on St Kilda via the Twitter feed:
Andrew Tetley, Hamilton
07 June 2018

Hello I visited the Island in the early 80's when the Army was still there.

Can you tell is there still a centre crossing painted on the road near the top of the highest hill.

We arrived by ship ii Village bay.

Regards John. I served in the Army for 35 years.
John Cotterill, Northern Ireland
05 June 2018

Visited St Kilda 2 May 2018 - a very memorable experience - would like to return again when the Army has restructured the buildings presently on site.
sheila macdonald, Morayshire
04 May 2018

We visited St. Kilda in August 2017 and were fascinated by the stories about the original inhabitants. The cleits, the hunting of birds and eggs, the sheep and the views of the cliffs, islands and stacks made St. Kilda a highlight of our trip to Scotland.
LovingLifeOnTheGo, Canada
18 March 2018

What a wonderful website about St. Kilda! My husband and I are making a trip to Scotland in September of 2018. Visiting St. Kilda is on our list of things to see. I very much appreciate all the information you have provided here. It has been very helpful and informative. Thank you!! Thank You!!
Eddie King, Two Rivers, Alaska
20 February 2018

It might be better to post no pictures at all instead of these stamp like minithumbnails.
Very dissapointing, i must say.
Thomas S.
EDITOR: Thank you for your comment. You will find larger contemporary images on the Rangers Diary blogs, via St Kilda Today on the left sidebar. Also many historical images in some of the dowloadable pdfs, such as the Management Plan and the World Heritage Nomination Documents.
Other images of St Kilda are available on and amongst others.
Thomas Sperling, Germany
05 January 2018

Summer of 1993 sailing with Captain George Rich on sy-Fiona out of Oban Scotland with fair winds and warm weather to St. Kilda. The sea state permitted us to anchor in Village Bay for two 2 days.
Some years later my wife and I tried to land in Village Bay on our sy-RobinLeigh unsuccessfully. The seas were crashing on the St. Kilda mountain high. Still on our list.
And still thinking of St. Kilda!
Charles, Miramar Beach, Florida, USA
23 December 2017

I loved this site!! My maiden name is SANDS...I am the 2nd great grand niece of JOHN SANDS!!
I would love to come to St. Kilda one day. I do have his book that he wrote about St. Kilda.
Linetta S Bradford, Salt Lake City, Utah
23 November 2017

In memory of

24015121 Gnr Frederick John Peckham
Aged 22 : A soldier of the Cold War.

John lost his life November 1969 in a tragic
accident when a freak wave swept him off the jetty on St Kilda and he was drowned.
John David jones, Dunfermline
11 November 2017

I am a decendant of the people of St Kilda. I hope to visit one day and see how my ancestors lived. Thank you for this page.
Rebecca Pattison, Melbourne, Australia
05 November 2017

Hi, I am very interested in the supernatural and the occult, I am wondering if there are any good spooky stories from St Kilda, for examples werewolves etc...
Happy Halloween.
L Macleod, Harris
20 October 2017

Thank you for such an informative site. I think it would be nice if ya'll made the pictures where they could be enlarged for a better viewing. But you have a very nice website. Thank you.
Michael Martin, Round Rock, Texas, USA
30 September 2017

Such an intriguing place, I finally had the chance to visit and it literally felt like the edge of the world! Amazing considering the various flat earth theories that are around.
E. MacInnes, Glasgow
29 September 2017

Finally visited St Kilda on 14th August 2017 ...
A damp and misty day added to the atmosphere. St Kilda did not disappoint is a place that words cannot describe.
Helen King, Northumberland UK
20 August 2017

I visited this beautiful reserve a few years ago to admire the scenery and the native birds, and me and my few friends were astonished by the lovely atmosphere this remote archipelago.
Such a nice place to birdwatch and enjoy being in the middle of the ocean, just you and the sea..

Thank you very much!
Lydia Davidson, South Yorkshire
04 August 2017

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