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Studying Human History

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The history of human activity on St Kilda is a complex and fascinating one, going back thousands of years. There are numerous archaeological sites which hold many clues to the way of life of the islands' former inhabitants; these include houses, field systems, stores, bothies, burials, enclosures, quarries and dykes. Many are Scheduled Ancient Monuments, protected under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act, 1979 and may not be investigated or disturbed without consent from Historic Scotland. The Management Plan and UK planning legislation protect those outwith the main areas.

The Store, damaged by an enemy submarine during the First World War

Photograph: The National Trust for Scotland

The Store, restored by The National Trust for Scotland

Photograph: The National Trust for Scotland

Historic Scotland

Historic Scotland is the government agency responsible for administering the Act and for giving permission to investigate scheduled archaeological sites and restore listed buildings. Historic Scotland also contribute financially to the management and conservation of the archaeological remains and historic buildings on the islands. More can be found out about Historic Scotland at:

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