k.Staffing levels (professional, technical, maintenance)

Two members of staff are currently based on St Kilda during the summer months. The St Kilda Warden spends around six months per annum on Hirta, involved in visitor management and some nature conservation duties. The St Kilda Archaeologist spends over four months a year on the islands, with duties ranging from monitoring monument condition, supervising archaeological fieldwork, monitoring conservation work of Work Parties, and informing visitors about the cultural heritage of the islands. These staff are managed by the NTS Western Isles Area Manager based on Benbecula.

Stac LeeSt Kilda Work Parties are administered through the well-proven NTS Thistle Camp mechanism, with significant input from the NTS Western Isles Area Manager. An Inverness-based Regional Building Surveyor ensures that the buildings of St Kilda are maintained in favourable condition. Similarly, the Inverness-based NTS Regional Archaeologist has an over-arching responsibility for devising management and maintenance systems, and ensuring quality control appropriate to the level of significance of the remains. Backup from NTS Head Office staff and from Historic Scotland staff is described in 4h above.