g.Sources and levels of finance

Funding for the NTS management operations on St Kilda comes from a variety of sources. The core funding is from an NTS St Kilda Fund, which recently has been topped-up from the Trust’s Islands Fund. This covers the funding shortfall for the Trust’s operations. The shortfall is reduced through various grants and donations.

Funding for the Warden’s post comes from SNH, while 50% of the cost of the St Kilda Archaeologist is funded by Historic Scotland under a 5-year Management Agreement, which also covers 50% of the deficit of running the St Kilda Work Parties (building conservation). SNH has contributed considerable funding to scientific survey to date and will continue to do so as appropriate. In addition, together with NTS, SNH also sponsor and encourage the Soay sheep research. Both SNH and Historic Scotland have also contributed towards the cost of creating and maintaining the St Kilda website, and to a variety of other activities on St Kilda.

The St Kilda Club primarily exists to raise funds on behalf of the NTS for the benefit of St Kilda. The Club regularly makes substantial annual donations. Other charities also contribute towards the Trust’s work on St Kilda, such as Scottish Heritage USA, the Garfield Weston Foundation, the Peter Stormonth Darling Charitable Trust, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom Charitable Trust, and individual donors. Such donations are often given towards specific projects, such as the website, the upgrading of the museum, and particularly the archaeological excavations that have occurred almost every year since the mid-1980s.