b.Administrative arrangements for monitoring property

The St Kilda Archaeologist produces an Annual Report of activities, including all activities associated with the historic fabric of the islands. This report is submitted to Historic Scotland for scrutiny in accordance with the Trust’s obligations under the Management Agreement with Historic Scotland related to conservation works on scheduled areas. The St Kilda Archaeologist also produces more specific reports relating to monitoring and recording projects.

Representatives of Historic Scotland visit St Kilda at least once a year to examine work carried out the previous year and to discuss the programme of conservation and other works being proposed for the coming season. That meeting is attended by NTS Regional conservation staff, who are responsible for fulfilling the Trust’s obligations under the Historic Scotland Management Agreement, but who also have a responsibility for the whole historic landscape – large tracts of which are not covered by the scheduling.

The St Kilda warden/ranger submits monthly reports to NTS and SNH and an annual report to the Tri-partite Committee. SNH logs all Natura/ SSSI/NSA casework.