c.Results of previous reporting exercises

National Trust for Scotland Work Parties have been involved in the active conservation of the built structures and archaeology of St Kilda since 1958, and from 1963 have produced sporadic reports outlining the nature of the work done by the Parties. Recording became more formalised towards the end of the 1980s, and in the past decade the summaries have been completed without fail. A new initiative has been the compilation of conservation records relating to individual buildings or features, as opposed to chronologically-ordered exercises. These reports are now being compiled and kept up to date, enabling an at-a-glance appraisal of the degree of reconstruction or restoration undertaken on each feature over many years. The very severe weather conditions on St Kilda have taken their toll on most standing structures, and much rebuilding of fallen drystone walling, and repointing of mortared structures has occurred. Nevertheless, this work has taken place under the guidance of the best conservation practice of the time, which has meant that rather than now being a series of highly ruinous shells and piles of stones, the essential character and integrity of the structures has been retained as far as possible.