The development of the revised nomination document for the St Kilda World Heritage Site was carried out by a Steering Group comprising:

  • Ian Melville (Scottish Executive)
  • Manson Wright (Scottish Executive)
  • Robin Turner (The National Trust for Scotland)
  • Richard Luxmoore (The National Trust for Scotland)
  • Lorraine Bell (The National Trust for Scotland)
  • Kevin O’Carroll (Department of Trade and Industry)
  • Sally Foster (Historic Scotland)
  • Ken Kennedy (Comhairle nan Eilean Siar)
  • Jim Reid (Joint Nature Conservation Committee)
  • John Love (Scottish Natural Heritage)
  • John Baxter (Scottish Natural Heritage).

A large number of other individuals have contributed to the production of the document, including:

Calum Ferguson who wrote ‘St Kilda’s language and culture’;
Josephine Pemberton who provided data on Soay and Boreray sheep;
Mary MacLean (SNH) who provided the Gaelic translation of The First Ministers’ Introduction;
Past wardens of St Kilda, all of whom have provided valuable biological records, but especially Jim Vaughan, Stuart Murray and Andy Robinson;
The geology text was written by John Gordon, George Lees and Colin MacFadyen (all SNH) with a contribution by Fiona MacTaggart. The text was reviewed by Jim Hansom (Glasgow University) and by various staff at the British Geological Survey, including Howard Johnson, David Stephenson, Alick Leslie, Ruth Hoult, Joseph Bulat, Rhys Cooper, Heather Stewart, Nicholas Golledge and Sandy Henderson;
Tony Weighell (JNCC) and Christopher Young (English Heritage) who provided guidance to the Steering Group and contributed to the revised nomination document;
Andy Webb (JNCC) produced the maps of seabird distribution around St Kilda and Claire McSorley produced the figure depicting common guillemot distribution at the Isle of May;
Ian Mitchell and Tim Dunn (JNCC) provided data on seabird breeding numbers;
The Hydrographic Office, Ministry of Defence, Taunton, Somerset for supplying charts;
David Donnan (SNH) co-ordinated interpretation of the seabed survey data;
Mary Harman;
Bob Foster-Smith (University of Newcastle) drew the diagram of the littoral and sublittoral zonation;
Paul McCormack (DCMS);
Susan Bain, Jill Harden and Julie Duff (NTS);
Astron Document Services Ltd., with particular thanks to the Graphic Design Team.