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Q1. Who owns St Kilda?

Q2. What is the earth house, or 'souterrain'?

Q3. What language did the St Kildans speak?

Q4. What is a cleit?

Q5. When was the first mailboat sent out, and why?

Q6. What is a National Nature Reserve?

Q7. What is so special about the St Kilda house mouse?

Q8. Why did The Store have to be restored?

Q9. What kind of cereal grain pollen did the excavators find in the cultivation beds on An Lag Bho'n Tuath?

Q10. Where are most of the artefacts found on St Kilda now kept?

Q11. How many fulmars were counted on St Kilda in 1999?

Q12. Why is the Soay ram 'Old Green 23' famous?

Q13. What happened to the dead gannet in one of our pictures?

Q14. What kind of projects do St Kilda work parties carry out?

Q15. Who can join the St Kilda Club?

Q16. Where will you find sanderlings on St Kilda?

Clue: Look at the pictures

Q17. What did the Rev Neil Mackenzie watch the islanders doing on Stac Biorrach?

Q18. Why did government troops go to St Kilda in 1746?

Q19. Where and when was the last great auk in Britain killed?

Q20. What is a World Heritage Site?

Q21. What did the St Kildans eat most of the time?

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