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St Kilda Club

The St Kilda Club, founded more than twenty years ago, promotes interest in St Kilda and fosters friendships among those who have visited the islands. Until recently, membership was only available to those who had spent at least 24 hours on St Kilda. However, now, anyone who is interested can join the club as a 'Friend of St Kilda', enjoying all the privileges of ordinary members, except the right to vote at the annual general meeting.

Membership of the Club costs just £15 per year.

Joint Membership at £20 per year, is available to two people at the same address, receiving one copy of the Club mailings.

A Reunion of members is held annually, and a journal, the St Kilda Mail is published each year and distributed to 800 members worldwide. Over recent years the club has donated more than £20,000 to The National Trust for Scotland to be used for a variety of projects relating to the conservation of the islands – and to the production of this website.


Further details and application form for membership from:

David Ackroyd
Trent Lane
South Clifton
NG23 7AE

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