WildLife Tour - Slide List
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A male St Kilda wren proclaims its territory in the Village.
The St Kilda field mouse.
Fulmars, nesting on the roofs of cleitean.
The only beach on St Kilda - in Village Bay.
The sandy beach attracts wading birds such as these sanderlings.
Primroses on the lower slopes of Oiseval, looking back towards Dun.
These steep cliffs are home for fulmars and kittiwakes.
Close up of a fulmar on a ledge.
The bleak slopes of Gleann Mor, where the great skua nests.
Close up of the great skua (or bonxie).
The SNH warden is dive bombed as he checks a nest.
The Cambir - a finger of land jutting out towards the island of Soay.
A grey seal swimming in St Kildan waters.
Soay, lit by the sun.
A group of Soay rams.
Roseroot, flourishing out of reach of the sheep.
Looking from Mullach Bi towards Dun.
The seabirds which nest here come in under cover of darkness and so are rarely seen.
Puffin burrows on the slopes of Dun.
Puffin burrows on the slopes facing Village Bay.
Puffin nest on Carn Mor.
Divers returning from Levenish.
Close up of gannet chick.
A Great Auk specimen in Glasgow Museums.
Stac Lee (564feet / 172m high)
Gannets nesting on the summit slopes of Stac Lee.

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